Saturday, 27 November 2010

Storytelling workshop with The Oh-Aissieux

Dublin Shambhala Centre
19 Herbert Street, Dublin

Saturday 4 December from 11am to 4pm.

Donations welcome.

One of the most innovative professional storytellers in Ireland invites you to learn the secrets of un-writing the traditional tale in preparation for live peformance. 

Workshop leader Coilín "The Oh-Aissieux" is the founder-director of the Narrative Arts Club, which has been bringing innovative storytelling to audiences in Dublin city centre since September 2005. Most recently, he has collaborated with two very talented musicians, Rich Flynn and Claire Fitch, to perform Inuit and ancient Irish tales in the context of original electronic soundscapes. 

In this workshop, you will gain confidence in:
* Turning the printed text into an engaging tale for live performance.
* Enriching your stories with description, dialogue and movement.
* Creating intimacy with the listener.
* Evoking a diversity of emotional responses from your audience. 

The workshop will provide you with everything you need, including a diverse choice of texts from Inuit, Irish and Italian, Buddhist, Sufi and other sources. All you need to bring is a set of comfortable clothes, including good socks. 

To request a place on this workshop, please send your contact details: 
by e-mail to 
or by text to 086 060 3818. 

Read more about the Narrative Arts Club here: