Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sea Speak Storytelling "Evolution"

New Year Greetings Story-lovers!

Thursday 16th January 2014 at 9pm Sea Speak Storytelling returns to start the new year with a Story, down by the fireside, at Kruger's Pub, Main St. Howth (across from the Church).

Evolution is inevitable when you've survived you're first year!

And Evolve we shall. I have such a passion for Storytelling, for the cultural importance of it, for it's Millenniums old Tradition, for it's ability to unite and comfort a community, for it's 'Essential Human Factor', and so much more. Oh, how I could ramble about the joy and necessities of Storytelling. Suffice to say, this all plays a key role in what I hope Year 2 will bring for Sea Speak Storytelling.

We are moving towards becoming a Community Arts Group.
And why not, isn't Howth simply awash with Stories anyway. Sure it's the perfect incubator!


You are Invited to come along for the first Meeting, Thursday 16th January. We'll be planning our 1st Birthday Party, sharing Stories and making plans for 2014.

Who should JOIN Sea Speak Storytelling Group:
Arts Lovers
Community Group Joiners and Organisers
Kruger's Regulars
Howth People, Northside People.....ALL PEOPLE
People who love the craic
.......em, so I guess basically anyone with an interest.

Come along, join us, we promise 2014 is going to be great!

We gather down by the roaring fire.

.......and, of course, it's still a FREE NIGHT out!