Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lost Souls Rise Anew

Odessa Club, Dame Court, Dublin 2 
Wednesday 24 October 
7.30 to 10.30 pm 

As the night closes in and winter draws near, you are invited to come with us through doorways into other worlds, where lost souls stalk the living. Storytellers Adam Wilson and The Oh-Aissieux will perform in atmospheric soundscapes improvised on the spot by cellist Claire Fitch and guitarist Donal Mac Erlaine. 

Adam Wilson and The Oh-Aissieux are innovative storytellers and long-standing members of the Narrative Arts Club. Claire Fitch is a cellist, improviser and composer: . Donal Mac Erlaine is a guitarist, composer and musicologist: . 

Lost Souls Rise Anew is part of InnovationDublin 2012, which takes place across Dublin from 15-26 October. The festival demonstrates Dublin’s capacity to inspire, interact and innovate: 

Tales told may include: 
Wolf lady 
Miss Crozier 
Mr Walker's liver 
Through the eye of the snake 

Disclaimer: These tales may include scenes of graphic blood loss, nudity, desecration and encounters with the undead. 

Admission EUR 7 
Concessions on request. 

Doors open 7.30 pm. Show starts 8 pm sharp. 
Bookings by e-mail to