Thursday, 24 April 2014

Prawn Tales Storytelling Festival ~ 26th April

It's The Sea Speak Storytelling's First Storytelling Festival!
We're over the moon and full of excitement.
Saturday 26th April we'll be serving up some "Prawn Tales" alongside the very popular Dublin Bay Prawn Festival with 3 sessions in 3 locations and yarns being spun by our Sea Speak Storytellers:
Daria Marie Walsh
Paul H. Tubb
Brendan Nolan
Joe Govan

Dishing up starts at 2pm with 'Shrimps'
Sea Speak Junior at The Little Shop of Books, Harbour Road Howth

Then we go 'Fishing for Stories' from 4ish-5ish
East Pier, West Pier, wherever you find the fish you'll find the Stories, or at least the Storytellers.
Go Fishing for Stories! Find one of our Storytellers and try to catch a Story. 

Next we're up the hill to Kruger's Pub, home of Sea Speak Storytelling for 'King Prawns' 7:30-9:30pm