Friday, 26 February 2010

Milk and Cookie Stories: The Mixing Bowl- Feb 27th, Exchange Dublin

One of life's greatest question: What are the ingredients of the perfect story? At the Mixing Bowl, we aim to answer this question... or at least, have fun playing around with the recipe!

February 7th saw the first meeting of our Story Circle, Milk and Cookies' new storytelling workshop group. Now wooden spoon primed, ideas ready for the mixing, our workshop group is back for a second time around- sporting a shiny new name 'the Mixing Bowl'.

The Mixing Bowl is an intimate workshop group for storytellers and story enthusiasts to build their story writing and telling skills. For the first time storyteller, the Mixing Bowl will provide a friendly environment in which you can build your confidence before you take to the stage at our event! For the practiced performer, it will be a great place for you to get some feedback on your work. During our second workshop, we will continue to explore story writing and telling through exercises and games. The workshop will be facilitated by storyteller Adam Wilson and writer Sarah Griffin.

The Mixing Bowl is FREE and everyone is welcome. Come along to the Exchange this Saturday, February 27th, and get in some practice before the next Milk and Cookies! Expect a joyful mix of fun, ideas and love!

(If you have any questions about the Mixing Bowl, please call Adam on 086 17 900 53. ♥ )

See or visit our facebook group, for more info about Milk and Cookie Stories.