Friday, 5 March 2010

Milk and Cookies: Fifth Event - March 9th, Exchange Dublin

Story? Milk & Cookie Stories is proud to give some formality to announcing our latest event, in association with Exchange Words, will be taking place in Exchange Dublin on Tuesday 9th March. Doors as ever at 6.30pm, show as ever at 7pm, and we end as ever, when we feel like it. Which is 10pm. Ish.

After hours spent accidentally blowing each other up in our top-secret underground Cookie Lab, we decided to share the fun amongst the masses by naming Mad Science as our theme for this month. Feel free to tell a story about anything you want, although we may give priority to our brothers and sisters in metaphorical lab coats and safety goggles.

Milk and Cookie Stories is for anyone who has a story to tell, or wants to hear a tale told well, in a relaxed, friendly environment ~ a place with tea, cushions, cookies and friends. The event consists of open mic storytelling, with one or two featured storytellers. Our event is free and everyone is welcome. We encourage stories of all kinds; traditional, animation, musical, anything – all we ask it that it tells some kind of story, be under 10 minutes long, and if at all possible that it's a story that's told, rather than read. There's something in storytelling which brings people together in a different way to a reading or more traditional performance; and at Milk & Cookie Stories this is what we want to try and share.

You might have a two minute anecdote about something that happened to you on the bus on the way in, or an epic confession of your darkest secrets that you've yearning to share for years. Either way, we want to see you on stage. Milk & Cookie Stories is made by the stories great and small that everyone carries around with them, so please don't be afraid to sign up!

We like to bring a big 'ol bag of cookies and treats for every event – but we absolutely love it when everyone pitches in and brings something to nibble on. All cookies/cakes/nice things we receive are shared out amongst the crowd, and as long as you didn't get them in the shop they're also entered into the highly prestigious Milk & Cookie Stories BAKE-OFF! Baked by the people, judged by the people, and with prizes to be won that will absolutely melt your face. Please bear in mind that we don't have any plates or cutlery, so if you want to share (and we really hope you do!) please make sure it can be eaten with your fingers.

So, if you're a duvet-slouching veteran or this is your first time hearing about us, we would love to see you there! Please see website or Facebook page for more details about us, what we do and how you can help out if you're interested.

And most importantly, do remember – Milk & Cookies ♥'s you!

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