Sunday, 11 July 2010

Milk and Cookie Stories IX – Truth or Fiction? Exchange Dublin,Tuesday 13 July

Milk & Cookie Stories presents
Milk and Cookie Stories IX
with a theme – Truth or Fiction?
and Milk & Cookies BAKE-OFF!

Doors 6.30pm, Tuesday July 13th
Exchange Dublin

Milk and Cookie Stories is a non-profit storytelling group based in Dublin, Ireland. We're looking to find out what stories our city has to tell. Storytelling, though very much a thriving art form, is rarely the focus of any event or performance. We believe that storytelling deserves to be placed in the spotlight. Dublin needs a place for people to come to hear a good story, and maybe tell one - we aim to provide that place. Milk and Cookies isn’t just for writers and performers – we would like anyone who has a tale to tell, or wants to hear a story told well, to have a warm, relaxed environment to do just that. A place with tea, cushions, cookies and friends.

The theme for this month is Truth or Fiction. Here’s the deal – after each story we’ll ask you to vote to see if you think what you’ve just heard is a true story that actually for-reals happened, or a sickeningly imaginative fabrication dredged from the hyperactive imagination of one who’s just had a few too many cookies.

We are not done with the BAKE-OFF!, because you are obviously not done with it either. Trade cookies for prizes! More details can be found here.

Free admission. Free tea. Free cookies. Free stories.
Donations welcome!

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