Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sea Speak, February - In Celebration of RED!

"In Celebration of RED!"

SEA SPEAK, HOWTH, 21st February 2013 @ Krugers, Main Street, Howth February Storytelling revolves all around the FABULOUS,
FANTASTIC, FOXY colour of Red.

... Hosted by Proud Red Head and Storyteller, Daria Marie Walsh

Our Featured Storyteller this month is the sublime Joe Govan!
Check out

Also coming on-board this month, and to be a regular fixture:
“Letters from a distant time; words that rode waves,
sent by the other tribe.”

It would seem that we DO have some brave and generous souls
willing to share their Stories with us.......
So the Open Mic IS ON!

Be the FIRST to hear my Tales from [the newly renamed]
"Red Head #11" Stories.

In celebration of all things Red!
Fiery Red Heads, Red Valentine’s Heart, That Red Scarf,
Charlie Brown's Little Redheaded Girl,
Red with anger, Red neck of a scallop, Red Lobster!

We’re looking for all Stories Red this month!
But we just LOVE Stories, so bring yourself and
Your Story even if it’s not RED and sit with us by
the warm, cozy fire and let your ears be filled! always it's FREE-IN
Doors Open at 8:30pm
Stories Start at 9pm

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